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Example of a Thesis Statement for a Research Paper on Neural Network

From all the things that we have discussed above, a good thesis statement for the topic “Will the instant physician application replace our doctors in the future?”, will be “A Descriptive study on the efficiency of Instant Physician and other Artificial Neural Network applications in Medicine”.

Example of an Introduction

Can you imagine being treated by a robot? Indeed, times have change since man first pounded plant parts to cure every ache and pain that we have. As technology advance, so does medicine as one the latter has always benefitted from the former.  Now, a new technology has emerged that is already being used successfully in various areas of medicine such as Biochemical analysis, drug development, image analysis and diagnostic systems. It is called Neural Network or Artificial Neural Network and is believed to have an extensive application on biomedical problems in the next years, Siganos (n.d.). Thus this paper, “A Descriptive Study on the efficiency of Instant Physician and other Neural Network applications in Medicine”, will collect detailed information about Instant Physician Application and other Artificial Neural Network application and their efficiency in the field of Medicine. This paper will allow us to be knowledgeable of current trends in Medicine but will not give analysis whether this will be good or not for Medicine.

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